Touch of Sonya

Touch of Sonya

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Now you can enjoy a “touch” of Forever Skin Care and Cosmetics from Sonya® – the perfect combination for sharing how the power of aloe vera moisturizes, revitalizes and enhances your own natural beauty and those around you. Take advantage of special savings with this package while discovering the business world of beauty with the NEW “Touch of Sonya” from Forever!

Touch of Sonya® is available with your choice of Autumn Hues Palette or Dusty Rose Palette.
This Touch of Sonya includes (1 of each):

  • 101 Autumn Hues Palette or 104 Dusty Rose Palette
  • 282 Sonya Skin Care Collection
  • 184 Colour Concealer Wheel
  • 190 Crystal Clear Lip Gloss
  • 191 Vanilla Pearl Lip Gloss
  • 192 Sunglow Lip Gloss
  • 193 Berry Mauve Lip Gloss
  • 187 Alpha-E Factor
  • 233 Alluring Eyes
  • 308 New Aloe Mineral Makeup – Natural
  • 309 New Aloe Mineral Makeup – Amber
  • 310 New Aloe Mineral Makeup – Caramel
  • 311 New Sonya Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream
  • Sonya Literature and One 2GB USD Drive

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